Episode 63

December 29, 2022


63: Year in Review 2022

63: Year in Review 2022
Common Mystics
63: Year in Review 2022

Dec 29 2022 | 00:44:04


Show Notes

On this episode of Common Mystics, longtime friend Jenny Bee joins the sisters as they reflect on their highlights from 2022. Jen and Jill revisit some of their favorite voices from the road, psychic breadcrumbs, and standout podcasting moments. Looking back on what they manifested in the past year, they make new intentions for 2023... and share BIG NEWS about the upcoming Common Mystics book release!  Support Common Mystics on Patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/commonmystics and sign up for exclusive bonus content like the Detours from each episode, monthly bonus episodes and Zoom calls with your favorite psychic sisters. Wishing all of our listeners a happy new year filled with peace, love and joy <3

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