Episode 4

April 21, 2022


S3E4: Bonus Sisterpod- Astrology Talk with Jessica Adams

S3E4: Bonus Sisterpod- Astrology Talk with Jessica Adams
Common Mystics
S3E4: Bonus Sisterpod- Astrology Talk with Jessica Adams

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Did you hear??? Common Mystics will now be dropping a new episode every other week, year round!!! Jennifer and Jill launch their new schedule with this special bonus featuring their sister, Jessica Adams. A talented astrologer, Jess shares how the planets can influence a person's character and inform decision-making. Are you compatible with your mate? Should you move to a different location? When should you start your business? Your chart can tell you! Contact Jessica at [email protected] But for now, listen to the show. Transcripts of this episode can be found here Transcript Bonus Sisterpod- Astrology Talk with Jessica Adams Link not working? Find transcripts to our pods and more at https://commonmystics.net/  Thanks for listening! Support us on Patreon and get exclusive bonus content and monthly video calls with Jen & Jill!!! https://www.patreon.com/commonmystics
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Common Mystics Podcast Season 3 Episode 4: Bonus Sisterpod- Astrology Talk with Jessica Adams www.commonmystics.net 00:00:00 Hello, Common Mystics listeners. I'm Jennifer James. I'm Jill Stanley. We appreciate our listeners, both those who have been with us since the beginning, and those who've recently found us. We also appreciate all the feedback we've been getting. People have been leaving us messages, shooting us emails, and letting us know that you want more Mystics. You don't want this crap just coming in June and only running until October. We hear you, and so we've made a change. Starting today, we will be dropping an episode every other week, year round. Yay! So in efforts to do this at the last minute, our sister Jessica, who's a very talented astrologer, had given us time to record her explaining some of the in’s and out’s of astrology. So please enjoy this new biweekly episode schedule, and our first being with our very special sister, Jessica Adams. And she'd love to hear from you via email at starfish astrology @ gmail.com. Enjoy! 00:01:14 On this episode of Common Mystics, we invite another member of our mystical family to discuss the topic of astrology. I'm Jennifer James. I'm Jill Stanley. We're psychics. We're sisters. We are Common Mystics. We find extraordinary stories in ordinary places, and today we're talking with Jessica Adams. Jennifer, you know her from such things as stealing your makeup and stealing your birthday, Jessica Adams. Yay! Yay! She's our sister! Hi Jess. Hi guys. Thank you so much for being here. 00:01:56 Thank you for having me. How are you? I'm doing very well. Jess, you really picked up the astrology bug. I did. Why, how did that happen? Well, as you guys know, Mom was really into astrology. She did charts and readings and she was really into it. But honestly, because as you both know, Jennifer and I share a birthday and I always felt we were so different in a lot of ways. And I thought, how could that be? If our birthday is the exact same day, but five years apart. So it kind of got me into researching the signs and how they are different. That even if you have the same birthday, they can still be so different. So, that kind of started my path. 00:02:44 You mentioned that you remembered Mom doing astrology when we were kids. I do. I remember her laying you on her stomach with the charts in front of her with the planets and everything, like in a big book, showing the signs and where they were on different dates. And yeah, I remember her totally doing that. 00:03:01 Well, just outta curiosity, what else do you remember about our childhood and the paranormal? Because you might recall that Jill and I have talked about some of our memories and experiences growing up. 00:03:13 Well, I have to stop you. We're assuming you listened to this show. <laugh> I do, and many times I'm yelling at my phone, basically being like, wait and trying to add things that you guys left out. 00:03:26 Well now is your chance. Yeah. You finally have a chance. Well, as far as paranormal, I would say that one thing that always stuck with me was something that Mom told me. And as you know, our old house, the house that we grew up in, was haunted. We always had- [in Forest Park] 00:03:41 Yes. Forest Park. In Forest Park, even if you were home alone from school or whatever and no one else would be in the house, you'd always hear something or feel like someone else was in the house constantly. I know you guys know. 00:03:52 Mm-hmm. Absolutely. And I remember Mom telling me a story where she was upstairs laying in our room, on our sister's bed, on her stomach. And her head was like, you know, towards the wall. She was just laying there and she heard someone coming up the stairs, assuming it was one of us. And when she heard someone get to the top of the stairs, she heard the door open and she thought it was, um, our other sister coming in to talk to her, but she didn't hear any voices. She did feel after the door opened, she felt the bed go down like someone sat down between her as she was laying in her stomach. And then she's like, okay, I'll be up in a second. Hello? And there was no one there. And she was freaked out enough to even tell me. She was really freaked out about it. It was just scary going into our room after that, you know. Especially if you were by yourself or whatever. 00:04:45 Jess? Yeah. We've seen so many psychics and had so many psychics at the house. Yes. Who is your favorite? I don't know. I like the, um, coffee ground reader. I also like Michaeline, too. I think she's very accurate with me. She was like a family friend. She was over at the house so often giving psychic readings. She was even at your wedding. She made a toast at Jennifer's wedding. This is funny. Did you know this, Jess? Do you remember Michaeline giving a toast at my wedding? Yeah, of course, and everyone was running scared. <laugh> Exactly. 00:05:18 Yes, exactly. Because her toast was something to the effect of, cherish every moment, because you don't know what the future will bring And we are all like, oh shit. And then Jill confronted her in the women's bathroom and like, put her hands on her shoulders and was like, what do you know? 00:05:38 It was scary. I remember being freaked down too. I think I ran with her. Classic fashion. I think I ran with her. Thank you. I was scared. We were all scared. Like, what was that all about? I was like, tell us everything right now. 00:05:50 And she's like, God, it was just a toast. I know. She was trying to find her cigarette. She was like, relax. Everyone, calm down. I know we were.I like the coffee ground lady, too. Do you remember when Jennifer insulted her? Will you stop? Do you remember? I don't remember when she insulted her. What did you do? 00:06:05 We were at her house. We went to her house. It was me, me, you Sonya and Jennifer. They were like six of us, and we had a cousin with us. Right. And we had, I don't know. I feel like we gave her a lot of money that day for all the readings. Yeah. I mean, well deserved. Right. Exactly. She was good. But then after – I'm probably gonna cut all this out. But after the reading–. You are not. She's not cutting this out. 00:06:28 I was sitting in her living room with her and she had finished, you know, the readings and she says, oh, I've been so busy lately. I'm so exhausted or something, whatever. And I go, well, you make your own schedule, right? <laugh> 00:06:45 Oh, God. Rude. Classic Jennifer. Wow. Wow. I mean, it didn't occur to me until later that she wasn't really asking my, you know, my expertise on scheduling. She was making small talk and you insulted her. 00:07:01 I know. She's like, all right, well, time to go. <laugh> Okay. I’m cutting that out. No, you're not. Leave it. Okay, Jessica. 00:07:08 Yes. You spoke a little bit about why you got into astrology, but I really, I only know as much as mom would describe from my natal chart. Is that where you would start if you had an interest? 00:07:21 Well, definitely you'd wanna get your natal chart. And with that, you'd need to have just the location, your birthdate and your time of birth. And after that, you start with the, basically your sun sign, which I believe everyone pretty much knows, right? Everyone kind of knows their sun sign. And then mm-hmm <affirmative>, which is basically your personality. 00:07:45 And Jessica, when someone would look at a horoscope in a newspaper, they're looking at their sun sign? No, they are actually they look- well, that's another misconception too. They write the horoscopes based on what is rising on the Eastern horizon, and that is actually the rising sign. So if you are reading your horoscope daily and you're, and you're not really feeling that, like it's, you know, like it pertains to you accurately, I definitely would read my rising sign as well because that's what they truly base the horoscope readings on. So your rising sign is extremely important. 00:08:16 So the only way to know your rising sign is if you get your natal chart done? I mean, yeah. You get your natal chart done and it does,because it changes like every 10 minutes or so. So every 10 minutes it's a new one. Oh wow. Yeah. So it's extremely important. 00:08:28 It's a new rising sign? Yeah. Every few minutes. That's why the time of birth is very important. I want you to explain why reading your sun sign in the newspaper horoscope is inaccurate. Why that might be it. Can you be, can you explain that? 00:08:47 Yes. Okay. So when you are reading your, um, newspaper horoscope, they base that on whatever the rising sign is, right? They're basing it on what's rising on the Eastern hemisphere. So when you're reading it, you're reading it for your sun sign, which pretty much everyone does. But if you took a second and found out what your rising sign was and read it for that sign inside of the horoscopes, I bet you, it would be a hundred percent more accurate because of the fact that’s what they're basing, you know, they're basing it on, whatever's rising in the east. 00:09:22 Okay, now this is my next question. You said that what's really important to know is not just your sunshine, but your son, your moon and your rising or descendant. Yes. So what will the moon tell you about your personality and where would I get that information? Well, the moon is very important obviously, both the sun and the moon in anyone's birth chart, being the luminaries. They, I mean, the moon represents basically your personality, imagination, your mother, the maternal side, and your emotions. The moon is who you are when the lights go off, when no one's around. It’s like who you are emotionally. Think about it like this, your sun is the light that you shine onto the world, and your moon is who you are when the lights go out. 00:10:12 Wow. I like that. That's powerful. Mm-hmm. I like that. And so your descendant or your rising sign is? Your rising sign is the mask that you wear when people meet you, how you are, are portrayed or how they're receiving you when they meet you. It's not really who you are, but it's a mask. It's other people's perception. It's the mask that you wear. Jill is saying descendant. Is it a descendant or an ascendant? Or do we have both? 00:10:39 We have both. There's an ascendant which is your rising sign. It's the same exact thing. Right. And then and the descendant and that’s the sign that's going down. Right. So if you looked at your, at your chart and it was like a clock- 00:10:51 Can I just say that I meant the rising sign? So I'm sorry about that. I meant the ascendant. Oh, I thought you meant both. Well, I wanna know now. I didn't know about it. I just messed up the word, so please. So, what’s descendant? So your descendant is who you attract. 00:11:07 Ooh, interesting. Who is mine, Jess? I don't have yours in front of me right now. Geez. Everyone, Jill. Good answer. No, but I don't have that in front of me, but, um, what's also another thing that's very important when you're looking at your natal chart, besides the sun, obviously, the moon obviously, and your rising sun is also your Mercury. That is also very important because it's the planet of communication and also your wisdom and your knowledge. It’s very, very common to hear people say things like,” Mercury in retrograde.” And it's not a- I was just gonna ask. Yeah, it's not a good time to buy anything like electronics or communication things, phones, and stuff like that. They seem to always break or something will go wrong with them. And that’s when it's in retrograde. So the top three would be the sun and the moon and your rising. And then the top five would be those same three, but also adding in Venus and Mars. 00:12:13 Interesting. And then Venus, Venus is important because it's basically like what you like, your love and you know, your harmony. It's obvious. Venus, the goddess of love. It's like, you know, and Mars being the complete opposite and also being like your energy when you do things, your ambition. It's action. It's the planet of action. Oh wow. I like that. 00:12:39 Yeah. So someone might go to an astrologer and get their natal chart done and get a lot of insight about their personality, kind of the forecast of their life, right? Not only about their personality, but how they're perceived by the world and who's being drawn to them and repelling against them. 00:12:58 Well, there's two things. One would be like the natal chart, which is just basically explaining who you are as a person, and what energies make you who you are. And then also if you wanted to do like your own horoscope, they could look at your natal chart and then look for transits that are, you know, coming up and how the planets will be moving and how that relates to your natal chart. And that'll tell you your own personal horoscope, what you can expect to come up, and what kinda energies to expect. 00:13:27 So, that's more like divination, like predicting what's going to happen based on the alignment of the planets? Yeah, I have a question. Are transits the same as a progression? You can see transits right now. I guess it's like a progression would be longer term. You know what I'm saying? Transits are like what's happening. Like tonight's a full moon in Libra. So it's like, that would be a transit. You know what I mean? Or could you do it for a longer period of time? 00:13:54 Yes. So, you can progress a chart to the time of a transit. Yes. And you could also change your location. Oh yeah. Let's talk about that. Let's talk about that because the transits, I would think would be important if like I wanted to do like to do something in my life, like make a change. Sell a house. Buy a house. Go to school. 00:14:18 Right. Exactly. I wanna take action, but I wanna know when the planets make it the most favorable for me to do that. Like, would you be able to tell me that? Absolutely. Okay. All right. Very good. Yeah. Also now, location. This was really interesting. 00:14:37 I did not know this. <laugh> I really didn’t. Okay. No, seriously. Talk about location and how that impacts a horoscope. 00:14:46 Okay. Well personally, I have a, <laugh> a personal story that I could put onto this is that when I was living in Chicago, I had Jupiter, which is the planet of like luck, money, abundance in my second house. And things were going well, <laugh> 00:15:02 <laugh> It was gonna be a good day. Second house is the, the house of like your, you know, your materials, your money, stuff like that. So if you have Jupiter in your second house, you have bank, basically. But it was on the cusp, so when I moved to New York– And when you say cusp, it means like, it's just about to be out of that house, that section, right? It was literally, it was right on the border, but it was still in the second house. Got it. However, when I did my chart, after moving to New York, I should have done my chart before coming to New York, but <laugh> it moved and moved, um, you know, into a different house. So right when that happened, you know, I could, I was feeling it, but I didn't really look to see. And I was like, oh yeah, it's changes everything. Planets really do affect who we are as people. And like our moods day to day life. I mean, it can change. Like, I don't think people put enough emphasis on what the energy is really affecting who we are as people. 00:15:59 So would you say that if I were thinking about moving to a different region of the United States, it might be smart for me to consult an astrologist to see maybe which area like how that would impact the energy in my life? Definitely. Would you say that that's correct? Oh, absolutely. 00:16:16 And you can use the progressions to forecast whether or not it would be a good fit long term. Right. And I have so many, well, you're gonna have to talk later because I have so many questions. 00:16:27 I mean, people do it for if they're gonna have a baby. Like people will time out, you know- Oh really? Yeah. Yes. I, um, I have a couple questions. Could you have a moment to look at my chart, please? 00:16:37 Yeah, you want me to pull it up? For real. Yeah. For real. I'm pulling it up. All right. So I'm pulling your chart up right now. Jill, Jill, Jill. Jill. Okay. What would you like to know? So, when you are looking at my chart, is there anything super special? Are you serious right now? 00:16:52 Don't hate <laugh> Anything that jumps out at you that you wanna tell me about again? Um, <laugh> um, yeah. Yes. I think, and this is interesting though, for real, this really is. Mm-hmm, <affirmative> The fact that Jill, you have Mercury inside the 12th house. You have Mercury, Mercury is communication and the 12th house represents spirituality and mysticism, which is very interesting because that basically reads as like Jill's able to communicate (Mercury) with spirits. So yeah, that was actually pretty freaky. I called you right away to tell you that. That's cool. 00:17:30 That is really cool. Yeah. That's really cool. Mom never told me that. Mom never did, but I think that I was too young to appreciate what she was telling me when she was going over my chart with me. 00:17:40 Mm-hmm <affirmative> I believe that when we went to psychics and stuff, as when, as children or as young adults, whatever, I feel like I've heard it multiple times. Like you guys could be doing what I'm doing or, you know what I mean? Like I feel like I've heard that lots. 00:17:53 Yes. Jess, when you look at my chart, is there anything that stands out? Geez. I think it's only fair to ask. Oh my gosh. Hold on a second. Um, Jennifer, your Mercury, which is communication and it's in the eighth house. The eighth house is the death house basically. It's also about the occult. So that's interesting too. And they're both like second decan, too. So 00:18:21 What does that mean? So, it's not leaving the sign. Yeaah. They're pretty prominent. Yes, prominently established inside of the house. Yes. 00:18:29 Jessica, when you look at your chart, and you compare you and Jennifer’s– mm-hmm <affirmative> because you said before that you guys are so different, but I see a lot of similarities between you two. You guys are both sensitive AF like for real, 00:18:41 I think Jennifer said it the best the other day when I was talking on the phone with her. I'm like her shadow self <laugh> the shadow part of herself, like shadow self. It's true. You said that to her? I did. Wow. Because I don’t see that at all. 00:18:57 Okay. Well, listen, I think it's true, by the way. Let me just say that. I believe it's true. My moon is inside of Scorpio, which is a very secretive sign. They’re the detectives of the Zodiac. They're kind of dark, you know what I mean? If you were watching a movie and you saw the guy walking in with the leather jacket, just like the bad guy, you know what I mean? Like just the brooding, you know? That's Scorpio. Everyone likes a brooding hot guy in a leather jacket. Right. That is true. 00:19:23 James Dean. That’s who Scorpio is. Exactly. That's who Scorpio is. And that's what my moon is. So that's, my emotions are very much like that. And Jennifer’s, even though we both have the sun in Pisces, Jennifer has like a Virgo slash Leo moon, which means that she's very detail oriented, analytical and she’s very action driven. She likes to get her work done. Virgo rules the sixth house of work. And it made sense once I started looking in astrology more. Our rising signs are completely different. Leo is Jennifer’s and mine is on the cusp of Taurus and Gemini. So, there's definitely a lot more to it than just the sun sign. . 00:20:01 I love by the way, I'm just gonna say this, because I love that the fact that you were born on my birthday compelled you to study astrology because you're like, wait a minute. Yeah. This isn’t right. How could we have the same birthday? I love that. What were you gonna say, Jill? I have a question. I wanna know Jessica, if you can give me some strategies of how to navigate work with Jennifer based on her chart. <laugh> That's a fair question. That is a fair question. That is a fair question. What do I need to know? 00:20:30 You’re a Jennifer sleuth. <laugh> She's a Jennifer whisperer. <laugh> Well, Jennifer's very, I mean, I would say with the, for one thing with Jennifer's Mercury being in Pisces in the eighth house.is like the way they communicate is so much more with their feelings, you know what I mean? Like they feel they're a feeling sign, Mm-hmm. Meaning that I'm sensitive. Is that what you mean when you communicate? Like you listen to your feelings and your intuition and things like that when you are getting information from your surroundings or from other people. That's true. Even though she does have the– 00:21:09 Not so much in your face. What does that mean? I'm just saying and also Jennifer–, Jessica's agreeing with me. Jessica– 00:21:18 You're not even letting her talk, so how would we know? Go ahead, Jessica. Please, please say what you wanted to say. 00:21:25 Think this is gonna be our biggest fight. I think just skip the horoscopes. Both of you guys need therapy. Couples therapy. <laugh> That's true. That's true. Yeah. I would say this also for any of your listeners that do get their natal charts done. There's just so much to astrology from like, if you are born at a certain time. Like if you're born during the day, the top part of your chart is during the day, and then the bottom part of the chart is at night. So, it might resonate more with you. So, if you're born at three o'clock in the afternoon, your sun sign will resonate more with you, then your moon sign and vice versa. So, that's important, and also whatever planet is the ruler of your rising sign. That is really strong. It's called your chart ruler. After you find out who your ascendant is and then where your rising sign is, and you see what that planet rules. Then you know that wherever that planet is throughout your entire chart will be extremely important to you in trying to navigate your horoscope or just who you are as a person. What's mine? 00:22:31 Yours is Cancer. So, the moon. Oh, okay. Yeah. So that's important. So Jennifer wanted to touch on compatibility. Right. Because first of all, I wanted a little bit of a read on how compatible Jill and I are working together. I think that Jill kind of touched on that a minute ago, 00:22:51 This is another way. This is a little trick for your listeners, too. Those who are not really too into astrology should be to just find out the basics, which would be just the element to whatever the sign it’s in. Obviously, there’s fire,water, air, earth, and you could find out your basic compatibility with a person just by that. I mean, there are different– Wait a second. That means that I’m fire and you guys are water. So you guys put me out? 00:23:20 Yeah, you might be a little too over the top sometimes. Kind of just- You're a little too over the top sometimes. That’s how you guys would describe me and also, you guys put me out. Just like earth and water makes muddy water. Air and fire together make like wildfire, right? Cause if an air sign 00:23:38 What two signs are like wildfire? Well, air signs would be like Libra, Aquarius, and Gemini. Ah, Chad's a Libra. Well, also it's not always necessarily a bad thing either. I like Libra. Also, it means we have a fiery, passionate love. Ew! Hater. 00:23:56 Actually, Libras and Leo's together is a very common combination. I always hear that combo from different people, and also I think our grandparents had it. She’s right. A lot of times I’ll ask a couple to find their, their, um, Zodiac signs. I hear that as one of the common combinations. Leo and Libra. 00:24:14 That's so cute. Jessica told me that a couple months ago. She was like Grampa was a Leo and Gramma was a Libra. Adorable. So, that's an air and a fire combination. So, it can also be a good combination. It's not always negative. It could be. I mean, depending on the person and also you can be a Libra and also have a lot of fire in your chart. Also, it depends on what your rising sign is. 00:24:37 That's a good point. That's a great point. This is just a very simplistic way. Yeah. Yeah. Right. If you're just meeting someone and you don't really know them. Basically, there's like an archetype, right? So, like water and fire, water kind of just dulls down the flames of the fire. Yes, they do. Thank God 00:24:56 Geez. Sometimes fire needs to be put out. Then water and earth signs together, turn water into mud. So because earth signs are very analytical and they’re very hands-on, materialistic and physical. Right. And water is emotions. So, together they kind of make mud. So those two don't really mix together. It makes muddy water and then you could do it for all the combinations. But it really depends mostly on your chart ruler and what that is. But I'm saying if you just meet someone, the basics would be to find out what their sign is in and what element that it’s in and then you know right away who you're dealing with which is very helpful. 00:25:36 Do you think Jennifer and I are compatible? Definitely. Obviously. I don't know if it's obvious. Yeah. We fight an awful lot. Yeah, I mean, I love you, but we like, work together. 00:25:48 You guys have great balance and strength together. I was thinking about this while I was getting ready to have this conversation with you guys. Jill's very action-oriented. Like she will, you know, take initiative to do something, and then think about consequences later. Where Jennifer will take her time and figure it out. That happens a lot. I was thinking about it while I was getting ready and you guys were calling me over and over. I was thinking I am more of a- Well, I have a Taurus rising sign. So I'm more that you can't really push me, but I will get around to doing it. You know what I mean? Like a bull. I'll get around to it and bitch about it the whole time. 00:26:24 Yeah, she will. And Jill's like, come on guys! Let's do it. And Jennifer's more like,just using the logic and thinking aspects of it first. So I feel that it really does play out in our lives every day. And you guys are a good combination for each other. I just gotta <laugh>, you know, I watch you guys do your thing. Your energies play off each other well. I have a question. Are you and I, are you and I a good combination together? Oh, I like that question. Yes because you give off similar energy, and your energy motivates me to want to do things faster. Watching you take the initiative with things makes me think that I should be doing things too and it makes me want to be better. Oh, that is so sweet. I love that. And I hope that it makes you wanna stop and think more before doing certain things. 00:27:02 I'm never like I should stop and think more. Actually, that's true. Jessica has been there many times in my life, and she had stopped me and was like, you need to think about this or do you have any idea how that looks right? And I’d just do it. Where Jennifer, um, similarly Jennifer has stopped me and said, don't you know how to get this done by now? 00:27:28 Yes, that's those two conversations I've had with both of you. Well also, Jennifer and I, well, me having the Taurus rising sign and Jennifer being on the cusp of Virgo and Leo, we both have earth energy. So Virgo and Taurus are both earth energies. So that's how we get that kind of like slow down and think about what you're doing, kind of energy. And you are like fire and that’s action. Let's do this, let's do this. I'm gonna do this. Yeah. I'll explain it later and we're like, wait. You know, just total opposites. 00:27:57 That's a true statement. Yeah. So, if you have the date, time and location of your boyfriend or girlfriend’s, right? Or where he proposes to you-- Oh yeah. Let's talk about that next. So first of all, you could do a compatibility chart for two people if you have that information, correct? Yes. Synastry or compatibility. But where were you gonna go with that? Jill? 00:28:23 I was gonna say, like, you can forecast a harmonious relationship based on where you were when he proposed or that kind of thing? Is that true? Yeah. You can do it for any time. I mean. You could do a chart for a marriage? 00:28:36 If you are asking, if you can see when you guys will get married or you wanna look back at what was happening in your life in that period of time? Or if you wanna get married? No, we're already married. I’m taken. <laugh> 00:28:46 No. For instance, you can obviously do a chart for a person. Right. But could you do a chart for say a marriage or a business or some other entity? 00:28:58 Yes, definitely. You can do it. People will especially do it for businesses. They do it all the time to see how things will go. 00:29:04 Hmm. Podcasts. Yes, I mean, it is interesting because people will even do it for countries. I mean, there's charts made of the United States, and they use July 4th as the date. 00:29:17 That reminds me of something. I remember or I feel like Mom did a chart for a country before, Jess. I believe that's true. I believe that’s true. I don't remember which country. It was in context to “The Man Who Saw Tomorrow,” I believe. No, wait. You're right. <laugh> You're right. And you already told the story. Yes, Yes. Yes. Nevermind. No, Mom did a chart of America? Yes. The United States, remember? For “The Man Who Saw Tomorrow,” and Jill talked about it in one of our podcasts already, so we're not gonna spend a lot of time talking about it. Right. 00:29:47 Because that’s all gonna get cut out. <laugh> That was Jennifer's “this is all being cut out” voice. Okay. So, Common Mystics. Yes. We just became incorporated on April 8th of 2022. Yes. So, I was wondering, did you take any time on that chart? 00:30:08 I did. I pulled it. Shut up. I'm so excited. I mean, I pulled it up and the first thing that we notice right away is that Leo is prominent. Fuck yeah. It is? Just kidding. What does that mean for a business? 00:30:25 Well, you want Leo is ruled by the sun, right? Leos believe the sun is like their personal spotlight. They love to shine. They love to be on stage. They like, you know, like attention and being in the spotlight. So, it's good? Well, yeah if you wanna have an audience, and they love performing and thrive in the spotlight. So, that is good. Yeah. 00:30:42 That's definitely good. When you're trying to get people to look and see what you're doing, pay attention or listen, rather. Mm-hmm <affirmative> Right, exactly. Tell Your friends <laugh> 00:30:50 What else? Um, also I would say that there is not Leo energy surrounding you know, the center of your business, but also you have to have taken into account your personalities, as well. Do you know what I'm saying? Which is good. Your business or your podcast, has its mercury is Virgo, which is also good. It’s all about serving others in logical ways. Oh, I love that. That is so true. You are serving others' spirits and your listeners as well. And Virgos like to get to the root of what really matters. You know what I mean? They're very like, “I wanna know what's going on here” kind of vibe. 00:31:26 Mm-hmm <affirmative> That's amazing. And Jessica that keeps us from fighting. It does. It really does because it's like, okay, the focus isn't on us. It's not about us at all. It's about the voice line. I mean, that is, that's definitely true. So, so yeah, I thought that was interesting too, cuz those actually seem to go together very well. And then there is Pluto which is in the ninth house of higher education and spirituality. So that's good. There's a lot, there's a lot here for me to pull up, but you guys have a lot of good aspects for this to be a successful podcast, which I believe it is. 00:31:59 Thank you so much, Jess. I just wanna know when you're listening to the podcast, what was your favorite episode? Just cause I wanna know. 00:32:08 Um, I like when you guys came to McGraw <laugh> I did. That's so true. How do you feel about your town? Do you feel safe? Well, I don't appreciate you calling it creepy. We love that creepy town. You also said It in the last one, too. You're like, when we were in McGraw, creepy AF. You say that so many times, even when it has nothing to do with the podcast that you're working on. I'm like, geez. 00:32:31 That's a true statement, but it is. It's like, notably, like for real, it's like notably creepy. 00:32:35 Yeah, I know. I did tell you before you guys came here to visit, that I always felt like the vibe to this town was kind of just like a haunted house vibe. Even when you're outside, you're walking. It really does feel like it. It really does. Yeah. I know you said that, but I thought you were exaggerating. I didn't really expect that. No, it definitely has that vibe. So yeah, that was my, that was one of my favorite ones. I did appreciate the Beckwourth one, too. Oh, that was a good one. What did you like about Beckwourth? I liked witnessing how your relationship with him unfolded, Jennifer. 00:33:07 <laugh> Their love story. Yeah. <laugh> 00:33:12 That's fair. <laugh> Well, we love you so much. I love you guys too. And I know when people have the opportunity to contact you and learn more about their own charts and their own compatibility, they're gonna love you too, but not as much as us. Mm-hmm 00:33:27 <affirmative> Thank you. Do you have contact information that we can share? Yes. My contact information would be [email protected] and we can go over where the planets were when you were born or if you're changing locations, or even a compatibility chart with someone else or whatever reading is right for you. . 00:33:51 Thank you so much. I honestly learned a lot. This was fun. I wanna have you on again. Um, because I feel like another Pisces can really help balance out some of the Leo over there. That's rude. Is it? You know what? You know what? I don't even know what to say. I literally don't even know what to say. I love you. I was just kidding. I’m telling Mom. Screw you two. 00:34:17 No, but honestly, Jill, your energy does help a lot. I mean, it helps a lot, even just motivating people. It really does. So, you like me? <laugh> Please check out Jessica and contact her at [email protected] 00:34:37 Also check out our website: commonmystics.net. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter at common mystics podcast. Tune in and listen to us wherever you listen to your favorite podcast. But if you happen to be listening on Apple podcast, leave us a five star review and share it with your friends. 00:34:57 Thank you so much. You guys, Jessica. Thank you, Jessica. Thank you. Love you so much. I love you, too. . Thank you. Good night. Bye.

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